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The rock drill welds the disc heat interchanger

Technical parameter
Product model The rock drill welds the disc heat interchanger
Product model B3-14B
Monolithic heat transfer area 0.014m2
Maximum current capacity 8m3/h
Manufacture material 316l or 304 stainless steel
Welding material Purity 99.9% coppers or nickel
Slab wall thickness 0.3mm
Stagnates the liquid volume 0.022l/ each channel
Biggest slab number
Design pressure

1.0MPa 或 3.0MPa

Test pressure 2.0MPa 或 4.5MPa
Design temperature

-195 ℃ ~+220 ℃

Connection way

Water is biggest: R1" The fluid side biggestwelding takes over control: 7/8"

Trades the quantity of heat 1-5KW
Basic flow disposition

F1-> F3 F4-> F2

Application scope The wall heater , heats the water heater, the cold temperature testequipment, the small refrigeration equipment and so on


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