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Features and function:
1. Use high stable PIC to increase the system stability
2. SMT&THT assembly technology, optimizing programming design
and multi hardware solutions to better the system's anti-
interference ability
3. Easy to set the parameters and easy to operate
4. Can reset the parameters when the system is running without
5. Manual/Auto switch functions, when manually operate, can
control the load of Fan、Compressor and Defroster separately
6. Compressor open delay functions
7. Fan open delay functions
8. Defroster auto/manual defrosting functions
9. Sound and Light alarm when pressure、overload and phase
lacking error.
10.With control ability when pressure、overload and phase lacking
11. Main heavy current controllers are used domestic famous
brands with high reliability

Main technical parameters:
1.Temperature measuring range: -40℃ ~ +50℃
2.Temperature controlling range: -39℃ ~ +49℃
3.Accuracy: ±1℃
4.Resolution: 0.1℃
5.Defrosting cycle: 0~99 Hour
6.Defrosting time: 0~99 Minute
7. Sensor temperature calibration: -5.0℃~+5.0℃
8.Control Ways: 3 ways(for control of Compressor、Fan and
9.Input Way: 4 ways (1 way for temp. measuring others for error


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