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RS expansion valve

<DIV>Thermostatic expansion Valve: the valve body adopts brass bar, and is able to adjust flow capacity. Taking use of huge and flat stainless steel film and the design of needle valve base makes needle valve match correctly with the valve port and keeps good tightness between them. It can provide best performance for air conditioners and various refrigerating equipments. The welded tube and valve body both adopt high strength silver welding, so as to further prevent the leakage of valve body. The expansion valves of this series are the ones usually applied in air conditioners and various refrigerating devices.</DIV> <DIV>Sensing elements No; 83 Knight-tight connection</DIV> <DIV>Length of standard capillary tube: 152cm (60inches)</DIV>
Type Capillary (cm) refrigeration(ton) inlet×outlet equation
  R22 低温冷冻应用
RFVE-1/2-C 76.2 0.49 1/4"×3/8"SAE 1/4"SAE
RFVE-1-C 76.2
1.09 1/4"×3/8"SAE
RFVE-11/2-C 76.2 1.74 3/8"×1/2"SAE 1/4"ODF
RFVE-2-C 76.2

2.18 3/8"×1/2"SAE

RFVE-3-C 76.2 3.49 3/8"×1/2"SAE 1/4"ODF
RFVE-5-C 76.2 5.67 3/8"×1/2"SAE 1/4"ODF
RSVE-5-C 152 5.67 1/2"×7/8"SAE 1/4"ODF
RSVE-8-C 152 8.72 5/8"×7/8"SAE 1/4"ODF
RSVE-10-C 152 10.90 5/8"×7/8"SAE 1/4"ODF



RFVE-5-CP100 76.2 5.7 3/8"×1/2"SAE 1/4"SAE
RSVE-5-CP100 152 5.7 1/2"×7/8"ODF 1/4"ODF
RSVE-8-CP100 152 8.7 5/8"×7/8"ODF 1/4"ODF
RSVE-10-CP100 152 10.9 5/8"×7/8"ODF 1/4"ODF


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